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Personnel Certification

Work is accomplished with, for and by people. Whether or not quality is achieved in a safe and environmentally sound fashion depends largely on the competencies and attitude of those doing the specific job. Managing the human factor is the what Certification of Persons stands for.

All competencies fade and must be maintained in order to remain at the actual needed level. But do we aim to maintain the competencies at the actual level or do we strive to enhance them? And who knows if this level is sufficient, not only today but also for the future? DNV is the market leader in development, execution and managing certification schemes ensuring competency. Whether it’s about craftsmen in specific branches and industries or professionals in specific organizations, DNV is your Competency Certification partner. All our certification schemes are designed according to the international accreditation standard ISO 17024.   The following competencies are part the service we offer you in our certification schemes: We also developed competence standards for Asbestos removers, Electro technicians, Professional Coaches, Labour workers, Healthcare professionals, NTO etc.  If you need more information, you are welcome to contact us.