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Learning From Experiences (LFE) [English]

Avoid reinventing the wheel

Smart organisations invest in strategies, processes and systems that help them avoid the costs of ignorance. Rigorous learning from experience (LFE) makes an important contribution to continuous improvement and business excellence. It requires:

  • Learning from positive and negative experiences
  • Sharing of lessons and proven practices amongst employees
  • Reuse of lessons learned across operations
When these processes cease to function properly the result can be:
  • Costly mistakes are repeated because they were not recorded or analysed
  • Good ideas and practices are not shared across silos
  • One or two key employees hold crucial knowledge
  • Employees spend too much time searching for information and knowledgeable people
  • Employees act on outdated and non-validated knowledge

These symptoms lead to the avoidable costs and risks known as 'the costs of ignorance'. DNV has considerable experience in delivery of programmes and systems for Learning From Experience (LFE). 

Our services include:

  • Design and facilitation of LFE programmes and systems
  • Training staff to develop required skills
  • Selecting and designing IT environments.