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Nieuwe EU-verordening voor veiliger en milieubewuste scheepsrecycling treedt in werking

De EU-verordening inzake scheepsrecycling (SRR van de EU) is op 31 december 2018 algemeen van toepassing geworden op schepen van 500 GT of meer. Aan nieuwe onder EU-vlag varende vaartuigen en schepen onder EU-vlag die voor recycling worden gebruikt, worden aanvullende eisen gesteld. Lees meer [English]

Inventory of Hazardous Material and Ship Recycling are topics which are getting more and more attention in the shipping industry because of recent entry into force (with effect from 31 December 2018) of EU Ship Recycling Regulation (1257/2013).

Current valid regulations on Ship Recycling are the Hong Kong Convention (HKC, not yet in force) and the EU Ship Recycling Regulation which bring requirements for both ships and ship recycling facilities.

Main subject of the above mentioned regulations is the onboard availability of the Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), verified either by the Administration or a Recognised Organization authorized by it, accompanied by the relevant Certificate. The IHM shall be prepared taking into consideration the relevant IMO Guidelines (MEPC 269.(68) Guidelines).

For ships flying the flag of a Member State:

  • An IHM with a valid Certificate on board all new vessels is required (new vessel is a vessel for which the building contract is placed after 31st December 2018)
  • Ready for Recycling Certificate shall be issued for ships sent for recycling, and ships should be sent to ship recycling facilities that are in the “EU list” only

For third-party ships calling at EU ports or anchorages:

  • From 31 Dec 2020, all non-EU flagged ships which are calling at EU ports or anchorages would need an IHM with a valid Certificate onboard

For new ships, IHM is prepared by the shipyards, based on documentation obtained from equipment suppliers in the form of Material Declarations and Supplier Declaration of Conformities. 

For existing ships, IHM is prepared by IHM Experts, who are contracted by shipowners, which according to EMSA’s Best Practice Guidance on the Inventory of Hazardous Materials is a person who has the appropriate training, qualifications and knowledge to conduct IHM inspections for the development and maintenance of an IHM. 

Considering that the total time from the beginning of the preparation of the IHM until the issuance of the Certificate is approximately three months. In order to ensure smooth compliance with the regulation, we suggest our customers to start preparing now, so as to avoid rush hours and achieve better services. 

In this respect Maritime Academy developed a wide range of trainings to assist Shipowners and Shipyards with New Ship Recycling Regulation requirements; here-below you will find list of courses currently available on the subject:

Recently, three major banks (ABN AMRO, ING and NIBC) introduced Responsible Ship Recycling Standards (RSRS) for ship financing and called upon other financial institutions to unite and endorse RSRS. With the RSRS the Banks underline the importance of the EU SRR and their desire to contribute to a responsible ship recycling environment. The banks agree to only finance ships that carry an IHM (according to EU SRR). In relation to (re)financing transactions for existing ships, require that an Inventory shall be established by the Ship Owners of such ships. The Inventory shall be established at the next dry-docking at the latest. 

In addition to training (available through Maritime Academy) DNV GL offers certification of Inventories of Hazardous Materials for new and existing ships. With more than 300 highly qualified surveyors and ship recycling experts, we offer you the densest global network in this field.
For more information please visit DNV GL’s dedicated webpage with general information on Ship Recycling or please contact your DNV GL Maritime Academy.