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De maritieme academy lanceert reeks webinars

De maritieme academy lanceert reeks webinars. Lees meer [English]

In these short online sessions (30-45 minutes) you will be introduced to some of the newest topics under discussion in the maritime industry today. Each Smart-Up will be led by a key expert in the relevant field and you will have the chance to ask questions afterwards. The topics have been selected from various conferences and research projects in which DNV GL has been involved. We would like you to benefit from some of the insights gained.

The advantages of incorporating this digital solution into your Maritime learning landscape are clear – no need to leave your office, no wasted travel time, brief updates on key topics available for you quickly, direct access to some key experts – to name just a few.
We are planning a series of ten “Smart-Ups” over the coming months to introduce this new training format and the first few dates will be free of charge.

With this new learning solution our goal is to keep you up to date with some important topics in shipping today which are not yet available as traditional classroom courses. In the coming weeks you will have the chance to “get smart” on, for example:

1. All you need to know about Hull Optimization - Past, present, future
2. The new ISO standard on hull performance (ISO 19030)
3. AIS (Automatic Identification Systems) – a hidden gem for business intelligence
4. Anti-fouling: How it can save you money!
5. Future Shipping: Smart for sure, unmanned maybe

First Smart-Up: Hull Performance Monitoring – A simple introduction to a complex topic, 20th April
The topic chosen to kick off this series is one you have certainly come across before but perhaps don't really fully understand.
Volker Bertram, Senior Project Manager at DNV GL will give an introduction to hull and propeller performance monitoring, looking at the key elements of data acquisition, correction for varying operational conditions (speed, draft, trim) and varying ambient conditions (waves, wind, current, water temperature).

Invitations for this session on April 20th have been sent but you can still pre-register for it.
Please note that there are only a limited number of places available which will be allocated on a “First come, first served” basis.
If the maximum registration number is reached on the day a second date will be offered.