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1 juli 2016 : Wat staat er op de agenda ?

1 juli 2016 : Wat staat er op de agenda ? Lees meer [English]

Some regulatory changes are to become mandatory by 1st July, 2016. Get a quick overview what’s on the agenda and find out more about some of the major amendments.
Please see below table with a quick overview to the next regulatory changes entering into force on 1stt of July 2016: 



Short Description

Applicable to


V/ (new sub-para.10.7)

Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) required, i.e. no longer only an force from 1 July 2016 – first safety equipment survey after that

Applicable to bulk carriers and non-tanker/ -bulk cargo vessels, keel-laid <= 2013-06-30, GT >= 50000 (Non-tankers)



VI/2.4, .5 & .6 (new para.s)

New paragraphs 4 to 6 added to cargo information which require mandatory verification of the gross mass of containers by the shipper of the containers, and ensure that the gross mass is stated in the shipping document. If the gross mass is not provided or verified it shall not be loaded on to the ship.

Applicable to all cargo vessels, HSC/ DSC and passenger vessels, carriages of cargo




XI-1/7 (new reg.)

New regulation requiring atmosphere testing instruments for enclosed spaces to be carried on board. The instrument shall as a minimum be capable of measuring concentrations of oxygen, flammable gases or vapours, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide.

Applicable to all cargo vessels, HSC/ DSC and passenger vessels




In the “Record of Equipment (Form C and Form E), belonging to the “Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate” a new item will be included. Existing item No 2.7 and following will be replaced by a new item No. 3 with sub-items up to 3.4 defining the number of free-fall lifeboats, persons accommodated by free-fall lifeboats, number of enclosed life boats, number of lifeboats with self-contained air support and number of fire-protected lifeboats.

Existing No. 3 will be renumbered to No. 4. All following items to be renumbered accordingly.

Applicable to all cargo vessels



2011 ESP Code 


Short Description

Applicable to


Annex A and Annex B

      * Introducing hydraulic arm vehicles

      * Rescue and emergency response equip. requirements

      * Updating of Ship Construction File

      * Tank testing

Applicable to all bulk carriers and oil tankers, GT >= 500.ESP bulk carrier and ESP oil tanker



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