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Opleiding van DNV GL en WMU – Postgraduate Diploma

Lees meer over het 1-jarige Postgraduate Diploma dat wordt aangeboden door twee instellingen van wereldklasse, de World Maritime University (WMU) en de Classification Society DNV GL. [English]

Now coming into its successful third year WMU and DNV GL offer the possibility to enrol on their joint study programme. You can choose between the Postgraduate Diploma in “Executive Maritime Management” or “Maritime Safety and Security”.

The PGD in Executive Maritime Management is aimed at managers (or future managers) in the maritime industry. It provides guidance and enables you to act proactively to cope with ongoing technical, regulatory and commercial developments. Bring your skills up-to-date by working through the five modules: “Global Maritime Regulatory and Management Issues in the Shipping Sector”, “Strategic Financial Tools”, “Human Resource Management, Organizational Processes and Leadership”, “Effective Management of Safety, Security and Risk” and “Maritime Environmental Technology, Sustainability and Challenges”. More details on the programme can be found on the dedicated website:

The PGD in Maritime Safety and Security is designed for both individuals in the private sector who manage and supervise tasks associated with the safe and secure conduct of shipping operations and for individuals in the government sector who focus on enforcement of regulations in the extended domains of maritime safety and security. Professionals who are involved in assessing associated deficiencies, including ways to alleviate them, will also benefit from the programme. The selected topics for this broad field are embedded in the five modules: “Maritime transport and shipping operations”, “Safety and environmental protection issues”, “Requirements and implementation of maritime safety”, “Legal and operational aspects of maritime security” and “Leadership and best practices in port management”. More details can be found at

For both programmes WMU and DNV GL have chosen the latest technological approach to enable students to take these studies while remaining in their own countries via distance-learning format. Through the e-learning platform, participants will have access to video lectures from each expert, self-study material, an exchange forum and WMU’s online library materials. Collaboration tools enable direct contact with the instructors and other participants in order to facilitate discussions and address questions. This allows the highest level of flexibility as regards both the place and time of your studies.

The registration for both Postgraduate Diplomas is open until end of July 2019 – don’t miss out on your chance to reach your next academic level.