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Welding requires expertise and competent craftsmanship. International standards developed for welding processes and welders form the foundation for the various certification schemes. Only certified welders shall perform these welding activities. DNV offers the certification of welders according to the following standards:
  • ISO 9606 series
  • AWS
In addition to the certification of welders, DNV offers the certification of officers responsible as quality inspectors: the welding coordinator and the visual welding inspector.

Welding Coordinator 

Certification is based on the international standard EN-ISO 3834 and has two variations: 
  • International Welding Co√∂rdinator: relevant for all industry sectors where quality of the welding process and welds must be ensured.
  • Welding Coordinator for non-static stressed constructions: less generic than the International Welding Coordinator and specifically relevant within companies producing steel constructions.

Visual Welding Inspector 

The certification of the visual Welding Inspector, also referred to as the Visual Tester, is based on the international standard NEN-ISO 9712 and EN 473. The certified Visual Welding Inspector is competent to perform visual inspection (non-destructive) on connection based on melted welts according to defined procedures (standards) and work instructions (WPS).  

DNV offers two certification levels for the visual welding inspector:

  • VTW-1: This visual welding inspector working under the supervision of the certified visual welding inspector level 2.
  • VTW-2: This visual welding inspector working independently and providing the required reports.
DNV has appointed examination institutes and/or approved examiners that perform the certification assessments under our supervision.